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Tim started reading D&D back in the 70's after finding a $3 copy of "Gods, Demigods & Heroes" near a pile of his favorite lust and gore filled Savage Sword of Conan comics. He started playing in grade school, but unfortunately got kicked out of the Gifted and Talented program for being an unruly child and consequently couldn't find anyone who'd play with him for several years. In 6th grade he made his first attempt at writing articles for Dragon Magazine- a truly sucky piece on ninjas. It was years before he attempted to write anything again, but with the release of 3rd edition, he saw a level playing field and charged forward. His very first adventure submission was accepted published (Thanks Chris Perkins!!!)
  • Tim lives on the north shore of Staten Island with his wife and his daughter Carli. During the day, he teaches Science.
Current Projects
Right now, I'm working on Broken Moon, the third installment for Paizo Publishing's upcoming Carrion Crown Adventure Path. I want everyone to know just how awesome the Pathfinder Lycanthrope Template is... Its super-awesome.




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