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1,000 memorable, system-neutral NPCs for any roleplaying game designed by the contributors to Gnome Stew.

Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots To Inspire Game Masters

Eureka contains 501 complete adventure plots usable with almost any roleplaying game, designed by the contributors to Gnome Stew.

Wayfinder #1

Created by the fans for the fans, the first issue of the Wayfinder fanzine includes more than thirty articles designed to expand upon the world of Golarion. Inside you will find original fiction, new prestige classes, sorcerer bloodlines, magic items, and traits—and this is just a small portion of what awaits you.


February 2088: RDP (a subsidiary of Sanjan Tempe Warner Group, NYSE: STW) announces the commencement of the 80th anniversary of the groundbreaking True20 cyberpunk setting: Interface-Zero. This May, they will reissue the setting’s original text as recently unearthed amid the ruins of Old Oakland, California. Within the media, players and Narrators will find: new roles, cybernetic systems, and virtual reality-bending rules presented in bleeding edge, HD True20.

Colonial Gothic: Poor Wizard's Grimoire

The World is steeped in Magic.
It is everywhere and courses through all things.
Some claim that Magic is fueled by Ether. Others claim it is a Divine gift granted to those chosen by Providence. Still others claim that Magic is not a gift, but a curse. And some claim that Magic is a tool of the Devil, created to further his Infernal ends on earth.
None of these claims comes close to the Whole Truth.

Thousand Suns: Pilot's Guide to the Core Worlds

These are worlds of wonder.
At the heart of the inhabited galaxy lie Humanity's most populous and sophisticated planets. The dizzying spires of their cities are matched only by the complexity of their cultures, exemplifying all that is best among the Thousand Suns. The Core Worlds glitter like jewels in the crown of interstellar civilization.
These are worlds of upheaval.

A Touch of Evil 5: Kobolds

What do a soulknife Assassin and a CR27 sorcerer have in common?
They're all Kobolds!
That's right.
Inside this 27 page E-book you'll find 4 blood-curdling kobolds designed to give your players a run for their money, no matter what level they are.
Pit yourself against the mighty spells of the wicked druid Makheret Greenclaw.
Hunt down Wightscale, the deadly vile soulknife assassin before he slays his next target.

Blight Elves: Architects of Despair

“Life is a meaningless torture only made bearable when enjoying the misery of others. If you are too blind or weak to accept this... Dear brother... My king... We will use your own suffering to prove it.” - Salena Valanas on the eve of civil war


Written by Michael Daumen and Patrick Smith, Technothrillers is a 106 page True20 espionage kit which provides Narrators and Players with everythign they need to run exciting, action-packed spy games!

This toolkit includes new rules for using various types of Tradecraft, planning out a mission, vehicle chase rules and TONS of equipment!

Technothrillers; A True20 espionage Toolkit is fully bookmarked and has a clickable table of contents.

Check out this great espionage supplement for the True20 system today.

Editors: Ed Healy, Troy Taylor

Dragon Magazine #358

Arcane Feats
Aztech Mythos IV

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