Patrick Smith

Atomic Array #5

B. Matthew Conklin III and Patrick Smith joined us to talk about Interface-Zero, the True20 cyberpunk setting from RDP.
It all started on the top of a publisher’s wish-list. There were times when we wondered if I-Z would ever see the light of day. Now it’s here, and it rocketh!


February 2088: RDP (a subsidiary of Sanjan Tempe Warner Group, NYSE: STW) announces the commencement of the 80th anniversary of the groundbreaking True20 cyberpunk setting: Interface-Zero. This May, they will reissue the setting’s original text as recently unearthed amid the ruins of Old Oakland, California. Within the media, players and Narrators will find: new roles, cybernetic systems, and virtual reality-bending rules presented in bleeding edge, HD True20.

GM Gems Volume I: A Tome of Inspiration for Fantasy Game Masters

Systems-Neutral Tools for Every Game Master
GM Gems: A Tome of Game Master Inspiration is filled with a wealth of information and ideas to empower every aspect of your game. Never run boring, vanilla games and never be caught flat-footed!
Inspiration and Perspiration
This 64-page collection of tricks and tips is systems-neutral, so you can play it with any role playing game you choose. GM Gems is written by veteran Game Masters and some of today’s best known RPG designers, and includes:


Written by Michael Daumen and Patrick Smith, Technothrillers is a 106 page True20 espionage kit which provides Narrators and Players with everythign they need to run exciting, action-packed spy games!

This toolkit includes new rules for using various types of Tradecraft, planning out a mission, vehicle chase rules and TONS of equipment!

Technothrillers; A True20 espionage Toolkit is fully bookmarked and has a clickable table of contents.

Check out this great espionage supplement for the True20 system today.

Editors: Ed Healy, Troy Taylor

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