Ted Reed

Pathfinder #23: The Impossible Eye

A world of fire and wonder awaits! The path of the planes is fickle, and the PCs' road home proves far more difficult than any had anticipated. Emerging from the pleasure plane of Kakishon reveals all the wealth and terror of a vast efreeti palace, tightly sealed by ancient magics and situated at the heart of the incredible City of Brass. In this lavish citadel of sculpted flame, the PCs gain a glimpse into the burning obsession of their hidden foe. But will their discoveries be of any help to their imperiled world, hidden away in some distant reality?

Serenity Adventures

You can't take the sky from me...

You’ve got yourself a ship and a crew … so now you need a job. When your boat’s out in the Black there are just as many ways to earn coin as there are to get riddled with holes. Trick is to do more of the former and less of the gettin’ shot. Some jobs involve hauling passengers, others perfectly legitimate cargo (some not so much) and then there’s downright thievin’.

PC Pearls

Bring your characters alive...
...then keep them that way!
PC Pearls is an indispensable tool for players and GMs seeking to invest their characters with personality, depth, motivations, and drives. Included herein are tables and treatises addressing every facet of a character's history, each designed to spark the imagination and bring your character to life! This inspiration is presented alongside the adventuring wisdom of Lord Havoc Bedlam, survivor par excellence, who was once heard to remark:

Sidetrek Adventure Weekly Presents: The Trodoon Gate Saga

Sidetrek Adventure Weekly Presents: The Trodoon Gate Saga throws the characters into an action-packed encounter designed to electrify your game. When a clan of masked monks ambushes an illicit exchange in a dilapidated dockside warehouse, their onslaught hurls the heroes into a chaotic, explosion-rent fracas. Thrust into one fast-paced, deadly clash after another, they slowly piece together the truth: apocalypse threatens, and only they can stop it!

Sidetrek Adventure Weekly #07 - Race for the Vault of Time

Vav escaped! He fled through the towering doors and down the Great Stair into the misty darkness below. He has Aniso’s notes pointing the way to the Troodonic Gateway. He has the Key. He knows which dark path to follow, what hazards lie in wait, and what terrible guardians watch that road. Our heroes know nothing of the dangers before them but must pursue nonetheless. They must catch the blackguard before he unlocks the portal in an all out Race for the Vault of Time!

Dungeon Magazine #121

Fiend’s Embrace - Stephen S. Greer
Ages ago, the demon prince Graz’zt fashioned a cloak, the Fiend’s Embrace, from the skin of a pit fiend captured in the Blood War, and offered it as a gift to his lover, the witch-queen Iggwilv. Today, rumors hold the Fiend’s Embrace is hidden in a keep in the Cold Marshes—will agents of a jealous demigod get to the cloak before the PCs? A D&D adventure for 4th-level characters.

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