Kobold Quarterly #2

Wolfgang Baur (editor), Ed Healy (ad manager)

  • Princes of Hell: Belphegor, the Baron of Laziness and Invention - Tim Connors
  • Dungeon Design: On the Streets Where Heroes Live - Ed Greenwood
  • Kobold Diplomacy: King of All Monsters: Wayne Reynolds
  • Character Design: Assassins: the Core Class - Robert Schwalb
  • Character Design: From the Outside In: Character Generation - Sigfried Trent
  • Ecology: Ecology of the Barghest - Nicolas Logue
  • Flashing Blades: Ask the Kobold: Q&A - Skip Williams
  • Flashing Blades: My Kingdom for a Horse - John E. Ling
  • Flashing Blades: Joining the Noble Classes - Jeff Grubb
  • Open Design Preview: Empire of the Ghouls: The Avatar of Hunger - Wolfgang Baur
  • The Free City: Griffon Towers of the Margreve - Wolfgang Baur
  • Cartoons by Stan!