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Leafy Lycanthropes Visit Las Vegas

Things have been a bit quiet on our personal front lately. The Werecabbages have been busy on projects, something those of you who check this site have noticed, but that’s been keeping some of us from getting more personal updates listed here.

Well, amid our barrage of work, this so-called ‘real life’, and other pursuits, a few of us managed to make it to Las Vegas to attend the best show in the southwest, a show known as nothing other than….NeonCon.

Ed, in addition to a few Paizo Messageboard vets and chatroom crew like JonShade and Ogre, convinced me to throw down and get to this convention and with what looked to be a solid Pathfinder Society presence, and Erik Mona and Josh Frost attending, running games and speaking at panels, how could one resist? Finances and other obligations kept a few folks I’d like to have met/seen again from attending, and while that’s often the case, it didn’t ease my disappointment. (Next time guys and gals, next time!)

The convention was awesome. I’m not a veteran to game conventions, and have only been to big shows, but Doug and his crew rocked this out. The schedule was solid, clear, and full of great events. At any hour, one could find a good seminar, a good game, and a good time. Even if you didn’t register for any games (which I rarely do) and just walked up, you could find something to do with your time with great people. I don’t think I talked to a single person I didn’t like.

I played Ticket to Ride for the first time and found it to be an awesome board game. It didn’t hurt that I was challenged to play the game by Josh Frost, and then proceeded to thoroughly win the first game. Immediately I was addicted. I came in second in the second game (how appropriate) and then blew the doors off the third game with 130-something points! I had a train from New York over to Vancouver, down to L.A., over to El Paso, up to Santa Fe, and then over to Las Vegas. Awesome, I’m going to the game store tomorrow and buying a copy.

I also played a couple of games of Pathfinder Society with the Master Decemvirate Josh Frost, and since for some reason I don’t have an official character, I used pregens. The first game I stuck to the iconic, and played the character as I thought Kyra would act. For the second game, I played the iconic Merisiel, but scrubbed all the flavor and ended up playing a rather distracted and impulsive male elf named Mather. We entered a place where things were awry and seemed abandoned, so Mather was skirting around buildings, trying to stay hidden so as not to be a random target. Well, not to spoil things, what looked like a cool place to hide, just so happened to be in the crossfire of what was supposed to be two separate encounters where the only target was the rogue who made a shitty Stealth check. Mather fell victim to four enemies before he could act, and took 68 points of damage to his meager 54 max. Oof, dead first combat, first round. It happens to everyone. Wrong place, wrong time, plus hot dice. Josh, in a strange show of something resembling compassion, surprised me with a re-entry into the game as ‘Mother’, Mather’s twin brother. I played the rest of the scenario scoffing at my new twin brother’s misdeeds. Pfft, jackass.

Saturday, Steve Greer managed to make it out and took Ed and I to the Pinball Hall of Fame. We played a ton of old school pinball and arcade games. My first quarter in each machine was atrocious, but I remembered the tactics, and the muscle memory from my youth spent jamming coins into the towering machines at the corner store returned and I rocked out some Spy Hunter, Space Invaders, Paperboy, Centipede (ooh, 80s rollerball interface, you sly fox), Tron, Joust, Donkey Kong, and Mario Brothers. Greer was showing his daughter the joy of pinball. She was stoked because she was finally big enough to reach both buttons. It was good seeing Steve again. Afterwards, he came back to the convention with us and walked around showing his girl all the stuff. Then we had some lunch. But before we split, the four (and a half) Werecabbages in attendance at NeonCon 2009 had to take a picture.


Thanks to the NeonCon crew for making this event happen. I can’t wait for next year. I hope to see some of you at other upcoming shows.


-Adam Daigle

November 2009