Kobold Quarterly #7

Monsters of Osirion
by Phillip Larwood

Horrors of Steam & Iron
by Richard Pett

The Marching Giant
Interview with Sandy Petersen

Ecology of the Centaur
by Wolfgang Baur

Black Art of Undead Creation
by Ross Byers

Powder Burn: Spells of the Gun
by John Flemming

The Hard-Knock Life
by John Baichtal

Tools of the Trade: Thieves Gear
by Matthew Cicci

The Garnet Codex
by Stan!

The Plague Paradigm
by Derek Kagemann

Cartoons by Stan!
10' by 10' Toon
Bolt & Quiver

Book Reviews
by Cynthia Ward and Pierce Watters

Dwarven Airships
by Ben McFarland

Courtesans of Zobeck
by Wolfgang Baur