September 2008

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I-Zine #1: Message in a Bottle

Welcome to I-Zine, your interface to all things Interface-Zero. In the coming months we hope to give you a virtual tour of the world to come in 2088. The world is a big place and we plan on exploring every nook and cranny.

The Great City Campaign Setting

Based on their acclaimed The Great City Blueprints Series, 01 Games introduces an ambitious and detailed look at the locations behind the maps.


Dungeon Magazine #157

Depths of Avarice
An inheritance should be something you enjoy, but not for Valmour Tessount. His father’s mine stopped producing long ago, and only an unexpected discovery in his father’s papers has the estranged son eager to explore his new acquisition. But then miners went missing, and Valmour is doing anything he can to salvage the situation. But more importantly, what lurks in the depths of Tessount’s Folly, were it to get loose, could cause problems for more than the mine’s owner.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #55: Isle of the Sea Drake

Death stalks the Isles!
All through the Known World, the stories are told again and again, by pirate captains and boasting merchant lords: a ferocious sea monster is stalking the trade lanes, and no vessel is safe. The call goes out for a band of heroes willing to dare the impossible: to slay a leviathan of the murky deeps.

Shadows of Cthulhu

For most people, the world appears to be a relatively safe place, filled with the usual problems associated with day to day living. There are no monsters beneath the bed, nothing waiting in the darkness...
But for others, there is the maddening truth; unimaginable horrors lurk in dark places beyond the world we know, horrific things who regard humanity as little more than cattle; insignificant creatures to be used and cast aside at their whim. Ever watchful, they seek to pry open the gates to this realm, to reclaim that which was once theirs.

Atomic Array #5

B. Matthew Conklin III and Patrick Smith joined us to talk about Interface-Zero, the True20 cyberpunk setting from RDP.
It all started on the top of a publisher’s wish-list. There were times when we wondered if I-Z would ever see the light of day. Now it’s here, and it rocketh!

I-Zine #2: The GLU's Most Wanted

n the second I-Zine issue, we take a look at four of the most dangerous criminals in the G.L.U. (Great Lakes Union). Each of these seedy Narrator Characters comes with a complete back story and plenty of hooks for Narrators looking to provide some interesting (and surprising) antagonists to pit against the heroes.

Monday Monster: The Nain Rouge

Detroit, MI (WKQ News): The severe storms have left the Detroit metro area. Over the past 24 hours, Detroit has suffered intense thunderstorms, with wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour felling trees and utility poles throughout the region. A spokesman for DTE Energy reports it could be a week before power is completely restored. Large hail stones smashed windows and damaged vehicles , and officials are blaming severe lightning strikes for several fires downtown.

Atomic Array #6: New Gods of Mankind

Luke Johnson talks about New Gods of Mankind from Dark Skull Studios. Ever want to play a god? This game might just be what you’re looking for.

Being a game about godhood, it’s probably no shock that the section on deities is robust. It’s easily one of the best documents we’ve ever read on creating gods for any game - and easily used even if you aren’t running New Gods at the moment. One of the coolest elements was the optional board game adaption rules, which allows you to play New Gods...well, as a board game. Two games for the price of one!

Monday Monster: The Jersey Devil

Sicklerville, NJ (WKQ News): Farmers in this Camden County town are growing more concerned by the day. They say their livestock – cows, pigs, and horses mostly – are being attacked in the evening. Few animals have survived the attacks, and the deaths have been especially grisly. New Jersey Game and Wildlife officials are on the lookout for what they say is a very large bear, possibly infected with rabies. Some farmers, however, are whispering that something else is slaughtering their animals. Many are claiming the famed Jersey Devil is the culprit.