May 2008

Pathfinder #9: Escape from Old Korvosa

Old Korvosa is under quarantine, a sprawling slum contained by roadblocks and guardposts manned by remorseless Hellknights and sinister plague doctors. While the rest of Korvosa stifles under an increasingly brutal martial law, the quarantined streets of Old Korvosa descend into true bedlam. Yet the one man who may hold the truth behind the perils that have brought Korvosa to its knees is lost inside the quarantine zone.

Sidetrek Adventure Weekly #10 - The Mogur and the Monkey

Still trapped on the strange dinosaur infested world of the mysterious Troodons, our heroes find themselves on the edge of a majestic mountain range. Having survived the depredations of a dinosaur eating spider, and the onslaught of stampeding dinosaurs, the PCs arrive at the base of the eastern peaks, where a small village of primitives worship a massive termite spire. Our heroes must still locate a lost Key of Troodon in order to go home – but first they must survive the Mogur and the Monkey.

Dungeon Magazine #154: City of Blood

Adventurers return from the deeps of Xen'drik all the time with packs full of strange antiquities and treasures. But some treasures aren't meant to be rediscovered. After a recent expedition to just such a tomb, some adventurers brought back more than they bargained for.</p><p>A few nights after the expedition returned, corpses began appearing in the morning streets, drained of blood. On top of that, rumors abound that a force in Stormreach's criminal underworld backed the expedition.

Sidetrek Adventure Weekly #11 - Secret of Trodoon Mountain

Trapped on the Trodoon home world, the heroes finally find the key to bring them home…broken in half! Entering an ancient frozen magical station, they discover the power source behind the Trodoon’s artifacts and the secret to their world-spanning empire. Can they repair the artifact and return safely to their home world before the station’s latest inhabitant returns? Welcome to Sidetrek Adventure Weekly -- all the heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping action your players can handle!

May 2008 Newsletter

Sidetrek Adventure Weekly #12 - An Uncertain Jungle Extraction

On the Trodoon home world, atop a snow covered peak, in the isolated outpost of a fallen civilization, our heroes repaired the portal key that will take them home – only to trigger an avalanche! Can they escape the tsunami of snow and rock, survive the primordial jungle below, traverse the void separating time and space, and reach home? Welcome to Sidetrek Adventure Weekly -- all the heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping action your players can handle! Each Sidetrek Adventure Weekly episode throws characters into an action-packed encounter designed to electrify your game.

Indulgence: Mysteries of the Razor Sea

Unspeakable terrors and rancorous gods hold sway over the turbulent waves of the sea. The Razor Coast swallows ships and souls by the thousand, and terrible secrets the oceans keep haunt the dreams of every salty mariner who plies their waves. This PDF kicks off with The Tale of The Seabear, a 1st level adventure of survival horror aboard a mysterious ghost ship cursed by dark gods. The Tale of the Seabear is the perfect opener for any campaign of mystery, horror and adventure on the high seas, and a great way to ensorcel your PCs into the murky evil of Dark Vistas #1: Razor Coast.

Indulgence: Still Waters

Blacksink Marsh has always had an ill reputation. The thorns that grow there are poisonous, beasts and changed things rove the waters, lurking in wait for foolish travelers, and the twisted descendants of an accursed tribe hunt beneath the dark canopy of black willow trees. Explorers tell of strange crumbling buildings suddenly happened upon at dusk and vanishing with the last red rays of the sun, and gators who walk on two legs and drown men from a far with a mere glance. Something has risen from the mire and walked clumsily onto the lands of men.

Indulgence: Shrine of Frenzy

A recent earthquake churned the waters and left them changed, the seas seem swelled with a frenzy not known in recent history. Strange rumors of a shrine risen from the depths of a forbidden cove put the Tulita tribes of the Razor on edge. Some say a sleeping god has woken and set its red gaze on the Razor once more. The sea whirls with serrated teeth and coarse fins, sharks circle by the thousand, as if something is calling these killers to the coastline. A time of great slaughter is at hand.

Indulgence: The Warrior's Way

The Tulita of the Razor Coast were born where the fire meets the sea, and they possess both in their hearts...the burning power of their mother Pele, and the ancient changeless wisdom of the Great Eternal Ocean. The warrior tradition of the Tulita is a mystery to most foreigners. They wield no steel, scorn the foul-smelling smoke of gunpowder, and many carry no weapons but their bare hands, simple scrimshaw knives or koa wood clubs, and yet the few foreigners who have witnessed a Tulita’s hamala’kal, or heart of fire, knows just what these proud warriors are capable of.